Here at Delaney Volvo Cars Greensburg, we know that an oil change may not be the first thing on your mind when you're cruising Greensburg, Pittsburgh, and Latrobe.

We also know that an oil change is an important part of keeping your Volvo performing at its best. 

Keep reading if you'd like to learn how an oil change near me can help you stay out on the road for years to come!

How Often Do You Need an Oil Change?

Signs You Need an Oil Change

If you think you're in need of an oil change, the first thing you need to consider is how long it's been since your last one. Most manufacturers recommend getting a replacement every 3,500 miles or three months, whichever comes first. It's also a good idea to check your owner's manual. It'll tell you the specific interval for your Volvo model.

There are also a few signs that you can stay on the lookout for. They include:

  • Illuminated maintenance reminder
  • Check engine or oil warning dashboard lights
  • Knocking sounds in the engine
  • Smell of burning oil

If you notice any of these signs as you're driving around town, bring your Volvo to our service center for an oil change!

Oil Leaks

You'll want to check for oil leaks as well. If you start to notice some spots in your driveway, bring your vehicle to our service center for an inspection. While it may mean that you're in need of an oil change, there could also be another issue that needs to be addressed.

Your Volvo may have a leak if it has too much oil. Every vehicle is designed to hold a specific amount of oil. If it's overfilled, the excess will usually overflow. It's important to have this remedied as soon as possible. Having the right amount of oil in your vehicle will help ensure great performance and extend the life of your engine.

An oil leak could also be the sign of a degraded gasket. A gasket is a rubber piece that seals two metal components in the engine. Over time, it will naturally break down, but an experienced service technician will be able to replace it. That way, you'll be able to get back out on the road in no time!

An Oil Change at Our Dealership


The certified technicians at our service center are armed with years of experience and cutting-edge equipment. When you bring your Volvo in for an oil change, they can have you back out on the road in about 30 to 40 minutes.

They start the process with an inspection of the oil that's already in your vehicle. They'll check to see how dirty it is and how much is left. Then, they'll drain the system and dispose of the dirty oil. After that, they can refill your Volvo with the product that meets its specific needs.

You can also check out our rotating list of service specials online. There's sure to be one there that can help you get the oil change you need. You may even find some that'll help with other maintenance and repairs.

Schedule an Oil Change Today!

If you've been searching for an oil change near me, then you just found Delaney Volvo Cars Greensburg. After reading this guide, you're more prepared for an oil change. That means, you'll be able to hit the streets of Greensburg, Pittsburgh, and Latrobe with confidence.

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